Honesty, flexibility, and continuous search for optimal problem solutions represent three fundamental principles that enable us to achieve positive outcomes as a result of our everyday efforts. We are open to new horizons and we are always ready to work hard side by side with our partners to achieve common goals.

Our achievements
Five key achievements over the past 3 years:
  • Number of architectural concepts developed

  • Number of new sales offices opened

  • Number of leads generated and processed

  • Apartments sold

  • Properties sold, bln. UAH

Our services
What do we offer?

Increased sales in 20 residential complexes located in Kyiv and provinces.

The following steps are implemented at this stage:

  • Analysis of the current sales system and market conditions;
  • Joint establishment of target sales figures;
  • Development and approval of sales, cash flow, and profitability improvement plan;
  • Establishment of a separate sales department;
  • Integration, support or implementation of the plan using the NCD resources;
  • Control, adjustment, and reporting.

Improvement of lead generation and conversion.

  • Development/adjustment of the residential complex positioning concept;
  • Marketing strategy development for residential complex promotion;
  • Advertising campaign adjustment and maintenance;
  • Sales analytics adjustment and CRM marketing;
  • Advertising campaign funding using the NCD resources.

Increase in the cost and improvement of sales of low-liquid facilities through:

  • Renovation and subsequent sale/rent;
  • Presentation of the facility to appropriate target audiences;
  • Calculation and price justification;
  • Attraction of partners for joint project implementation;
  • Repurchase of facilities;
  • Development project management;
  • Maintaining relations with licensing and coordination systems.

  • Development of project implementation scenarios;
  • Positioning and target audience selection justification;
  • Marketing strategy development;
  • Facility description and apartment layouts;
  • Provision of recommendations on infrastructure and maintenance;
  • Development of technical specifications for architects, designers, and contractors.

The entire cycle of the development project using the company's resources:

  • Analysis and justification of the most optimal use of land plots;
  • Project-related fundraising;
  • Cooperation with architectural workshops, designers, and contractors;
  • Selection of general contractors;
  • Construction and facility commissioning;
  • Establishment of management companies.

  • System and sales business processes development or modification;
  • Increase in lead conversion;
  • Increasing the efficiency of lead generation.
What problems do we resolve?
  • Project selection problem — What should be built?
  • Positioning problem — How to stand out among competitors?
  • Pricing problem — What price should be set for the project to be most profitable at a specific point in time?
  • Competition problem — How to poach buyers and make them take your side?
  • Promotion problem — How much money to spend on advertising to get the maximum result?
  • Problem of organising sales offices — What is the algorithm for action?
  • Financing problem — Where to obtain funding for construction?
  • Staff problem — Where to find the best sales specialists?
  • Low-liquid real estate problem — How to sell it?
  • Poor awareness problem — How do the competitors and the entire market perform?
  • Sound sleep problem — How to ensure regular cash flows from sales and sleep well?


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